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Rosemary and Green Nettle Sampoo

A natural ingredients cocktail that help combat the grease, alopecia and dandruff that (really) works.


More information

Green nettle is used to regenerate the scalp and to combat hair related problems. It contains sage wich is very effective against dandruff and the rosemary that dissolves the grease and helps to combat male alopecia caused by the excess oil production.

It also contains essential tea tree oil that regulates the sebaceous glands activity and is very effective for the irrittated scalp and dandruff and to treat the cradle cap.

Jojoba oil helps dissolve and move the sebun that interferes the folicle leaving the folicle free so it can restart its normal functions. This is why it is attributed to it properties agains hair fall caused by excess oil production.

Finally macadamia and sesame oils contribute with the perfect conditioner for your hair.

And remember...

  • We use virgin Olive Oil only as a base for the elaboration of our soaps.
  • Each soap is unique and it could vary in shape, color, texture or weight in comparison to the photos in this website.
  • Our photos show suggestions of display for the soaps, we do not include the decorative elements showed on them.
  • To prolong the life of your soap we recomend the use of rack soap dishthat will keep it from disolve fast.
  • You can acquire our soaps individualy or per kilo, upon request. To do so please contact us.

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