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Our philosophy


We are a small family living in Madrid and although we love our city our dream is to live in the countryside and being able to care for an orchard and maybe some chickens. But turning dreams into realities is not always easy... Nor cheap!. So in the meanwhile we are more than happy bringing to life another not less important project. The one you are watching right now.

To us making soap is simply another task in our daily lives just as baking bread or knitting a jersey. We choose to believe there is little we can't do with our own hands using only the necessary raw materials.

We fight for a comeback of the traditional values. That is why we consume ecological products; we defend the small merchant, the fair trade and the farmers. Because respecting our planet we respect ourselves.

In this context our soap could only be crafted in a natural way, like in the old days... do you want to know how?

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Ginger Shampoo

Turmeric and black pepper Soap

Anti-Lice Shampoo

Argan Soap

Rosemary and Green Nettle Sampoo

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