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Elaboration of our soaps

We love to make soap! And as it couldn't be in any other way we wanted to use antique elaboration techniques in a purely traditional way: Using only plant extracts, vegetal fats and oils, whitout dye, preservatives or artifitial colors, parabens-free and chemical insecticides and pesticides-free.

For their elaboration we use a method called "cold process" that results in "saponification". This means that we combine fats (we always use virgin olive oil) and sodium hydroxide (lye) together without aplication of extreme heat, using only what emerges from the very same chemical reaction.

As a result we obtain the soap and a little part of glycerine thats stays trapped inside and will result in more humectant properties for the skin.

As our philosophy always emphasizes the respect for nature the fats we use are always from vegetal origin and the olive oil is the only base for all of our products due to its cualities for the skin.

We run away from commercial formulas that is why, despite the exceptionality of our ingredients, the best of our soaps is what they don't contain. This soaps are a true warranty of respect towards our skin.

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